The training concepts of Kali Sikaran Perth are unique to the system.

They are based on Panantukan (Filipino Boxing), Sikaran (Filipino Kick Boxing), Stickfighting, Daga (Knife Fighting Training), Kadena De Mano (Close Quarters Range), Silat Kuntaw (Filipino Pencak Silat) and Dumog (Grappling).

These concepts are woven together into a complete and effective fighting system. The Kali Sikaran practitioner is trained to be able to adapt to any given situation.

With the ever growing violence on the streets today and the rise of crime and theft involving weapons, this style of Martial Art becomes increasingly more important in today’s society.

Kali Sikaran (a form of Filipino stick & knife fighting combined with the skills and fitness of Kickboxing) teaches us the etiquette, dangers and legalities involved with a wide range of weapons and combative situations.

This dynamic yet graceful flowing art will show even the smallest of defendants how to safely and easily avoid or disarm an attacker with little or no effort.

You will learn to avoid potential conflicts, defend against multiple attackers, one on one self defence, ground fighting, restraint and removal while still respecting the traditional aspects of Martial Arts – self control, respect and integrity.

This will also help you in all aspects of your life and its challenges.

Suited for women and men alike, the fitness and confidence gained through the set drills and techniques will inspire and excite all.

“Self defense with confidence”


Kali Sikaran International is dynamic Filipino Martial Art which teaches a high quality, functional program of self defence. Our clear and consistent goal setting format inspires our student to be their best and to progress in self defence skills, physical fitness and confidence. Kali Sikarans principle based learning programs educates our students in all areas of self defence including: Empty hand, Sticks, Knives, long weapons, double weapons and many more.

Our program integrates our values of lifelong learning, fighting spirit and realism for survival.

As well as our physical training we offer web support with our Kali Sikaran Insider video library for all International members as well as our full Instructor licence and Club Managers support page. ​ Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you achieve them.

What people are saying about Kali Sikaran


  • “My teacher at Kali Sikaran International was not only incredibly talented, but also encouraged us to ask as many questions as needed to really understand the concepts.”

  • “I was hooked from the first class! I never thought I’d find a place that matched my learning style, but the approach at Kali Sikaran International is a perfect fit for me.”

  • “As a beginner, Kali Sikaran International was the perfect place to start out fresh. The support, resources and expertise they offer is truly the best. Highly recommend!”


Most of us have had a gym membership in our lifetime. Only to get bored of the same routine that gives no mental stimulation and you find it hard to stay motivated.

How many times have you said to yourself ?

" I wish i had done martial arts when i was younger.....
" I wish i was fit enough to do martial arts"....
" If only I had kept up my classes! "

Wish you had more energy to deal with life's, family and fun!


We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with questions or special requests.

    How Is Kali Sikaran Different To Other Martial Arts?

    In most Martial Arts, weapons are taught once you've had some training experience.

    Kali is the complete opposite!

    The first thing your taught is how to defend against a experience necessary and completely safe. You will learn how easy it is to use common day objects for self protection.

    Discover the same techniques used by Jason Bourne in "The Bourne Identity"

    ....Yes that's Kali

    Kali Classes in Perth,Western Australia.

    Learn the effective art of Kali Sikaran.